Who we are

We are a modern group of specialists with an innovative view of the law, business, restructuring, entrepreneurship and finance industries.

The Sanators team consists not only of restructuring advisors, legal advisers, attorneys and lawyers, but also recognized specialists in the finance industry, experienced managers, management practitioners, and HR advisers.

In our opinion, the provision of consultancy and legal services in the field of restructuring and bankruptcy must go far beyond the codes and the courtroom itself, successfully use new technologies and knowledge in accounting, marketing, finance and crisis management.

This approach allows us to break through the usual patterns and give our clients a completely new quality of legal services.

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What we do

The scope of our services within the scope of bankruptcy and restructuring law covers a completely full and complete area of legal and business aspects of supporting companies and people in crisis.

Pełnione funkcje

Restructuring advisorA licensed expert, supports the restructuring process, prepares a recovery plan, supports with legal, economic and business knowledge.

The trusteeIn bankruptcy proceedings, the debtor's assets are managed, managed and liquidated. Its task is to satisfy creditors' claims.

Court supervisorIn arrangement or accelerated arrangement proceedings, he supervises the debtor's activities.

Curator in bankruptcy proceedingsEstablished by the court for the debtor when he has no legal capacity and no legal representative acts for him.

Court AdministratorHe is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the company and effective implementation of the change plan as well as ensuring financial stability during remedial proceedings.

Temporary court supervisorEstablished for the purpose of supervising activities in ongoing proceedings regarding the opening of restructuring or declaration of bankruptcy, as security for the debtor's assets.

In our opinion, the provision of consultancy and legal services in the field of restructuring and bankruptcy must go far beyond the codes and the courtroom itself, successfully use new technologies and knowledge in accounting, marketing, finance and crisis management.

Sanators operates based on a team of restructuring advisors with extensive legal, business and management experience. Unlike most receivers, we have not only practical knowledge in the field of company management, but also comprehensive experience within the scope of bankruptcy law.

How are we doing

We guarantee professional, reliable and professional service as well as an individual approach to each client. Thanks to the audit procedures we have developed, we are able to assess the real possibility of restructuring as well as implement appropriate actions to correct the company’s situation.

Sanators acts as a bridge between the world of restructuring law and the world of finance and business. We are characterized by the principle of pro-activity – we always try to anticipate potential problems for our clients and secure their interests, even before problems arise.

Additionally, by ensuring confidentiality and discretion to our clients, we maintain the highest standards of service.

Nasze zasady

We always try to look for solutions that will be best for our clients. The Sanators domain is the highest level in all aspects of services rendered. Quality is an uncompromising standard for our activities and comes from our passions and pride in what we have achieved. We are not limited to just the correct solutions, we want to give our clients more than they expect, according to the "good is not enough" principle. We provide clients with practical, tailored solutions that are a practical answer to a given question, not a theoretical analysis.

Nobody likes to be surprised, so when we start cooperation, we strictly define its course, time and costs. Only after the client accepts the quote, we start working. We keep our clients informed about the status of the case and possible changes. The proposal of the method of settlement and remuneration, which is the result of our many years of experience in the field of law and business, is always transparent and transparent for the client. Reports on the status of performed orders (containing a detailed list of all activities) can be provided in this variant on a weekly, monthly basis or at the client's request even daily in real time thanks to the online system.

Our services require complete discretion and complete security of our clients' information and data. Therefore, we pay special attention to the strict observance of confidentiality principles when dealing with our clients. In accordance with the highest standard of service quality, Sanators undertakes not to provide or disclose, without each prior written consent, any Confidential Information received from the Customer related to his activities, both in matters covered by the order and any other information he receives during the performance of the contract during its term and later. Any personal or business data received may be processed by Sanators only for the purpose of completing the order.

We are aware that time plays a key role for most of our clients, which is why we focus on speed and modern means of communication. For standing orders, the standard response time is 24 to 48 business hours, which allows us to be available to our clients whenever they need it. We operate throughout Poland, so we can be exactly where it requires convenient cooperation.

We work with legal advisers, lawyers and lawyers specializing in various areas of law. Our business partners also include experienced intermim managers, specialists in the field of obtaining funds, sales directors, accountants, management and finance practitioners as well as crisis marketing. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the services we offer are comprehensive and can provide our clients with full service. We also permanently cooperate with notary offices, accounting offices, tax advisors and translation offices, whose services are often necessary at various stages of the case.